Ways to use web scraping for lead generations

Ways to use web scraping for lead generations:


There are many ways business use to generate a lot of leads for themselves to increase their consumers database or to get access to new potential buyers of their products or services. Apart from Lead generation, web scraping and data mining has been widely used to understand your competitor’s day to day actions, your customers sentiments, to get the stock data and improve your website SEO. All these data channels more or less depend on web scraping, Data mining and web automation.

Today in this blog we will only discuss some ways to generate the leads for your business with web scraping and data mining.


Although there are plenty of ways you can generate yourself leads and it also vary business to business but we will discuss today 6 major and most popular ways to generate the leads with web scraping. There are:

  • Online Directories Scraping
  • Job Portals Scraping
  • Emails Scraping
  • Twitter Profile Scraping
  • Images Scraping
  • Custom Websites Scraping

Online Directories Scraping:

By scraping online directories, we can find businesses in any area. This information may lead to generating new business. i.e., if we want a list of car dealers, we can find local car dealers in our area by scraping them and then putting them into a spreadsheet for our convenience.

Free tools to scrape directories:

  • Octoparse
  • Scrape API
  • Parse Hub
  • Scrapy
  • Mozenda.io
  • Content Grabber
  • Common Crawl
  • Scrape-It. Cloud

Job Listings Scraping:

As we all want an independent life so, we all want a job of our own choice. By scraping data, we can easily find 1000 jobs of our choice. We can extract data from the websites regarding selected jobs and gather information in a programmatic manner. It’s an alternate shortcut for job seekers to create a database of current job openings.

For example: If we want a job regarding E-Commerce, we can extract data on E-Commerce jobs from different websites. We can scrape jobs from large job websites like Monster, Glassdoor, Indeed, Personal Job Aggregator websites, and Job portals.


Scrape Emails:

Digital marketing plays vital role in hunting and promotion of your products and services and for that you would need email address of your consumers. Email databases always stay in demand for both b2b and b2c markets.

If we want any email, we can scrape it from the business directories, traders websites, local company databases and many other sources are available for that. Keep in mind consumers/customers emails are hard to scrape and, in some countries, its illegal to send e-mails to consumers unless they are your subscribers. But, all this is done by web scraping and this process allows us to collect hundreds of emails in no time which otherwise takes hours and days. However, there are some considerations to extracting email from a website. To scrape email, we must consider data security and user privacy.

Scrape Twitter Profile:

Twitter is mostly based on short, text-based posts, it is perfectly optimized for conveying information, an argument, or a joke at immense speed. So, if any influencer wants to extract data for their social activities, they can scrape it from the Twitter site by using tools.

Scarping Twitter can yield insights into sentiments, opinions, and social media trends and could help build a programmatic SEO project.

Analysis of tweets, shares, likes, URLs and interest is a powerful way to derive insight into the public conversation. Scraping Twitter is used to find influencers in your niche.

Scrape Images:

Pictures and Images always inspired us as contains a lot of information on them in graphical and hence sometime requires to save them in bulk for using offline purposes and once again web scraping allow us to download bulk images in no time. Image scraping is very common is ecommerce businesses where you have to display your supplier products data into your website including their images too and for that you will have to download the images and data first from their website before you upload them onto yours.

Sometimes people also scrape images for OCR to convert the image content into text. In all these scenarios, Image scraping allow us to scrape hundreds of thousands of images in matter of few hours only. You can also use scraping solution services to scrape the images for your WooCommerce and Shopify stores.

Custom website Scraping:

Sometimes you need data which is given on a specific website related to some organization, NGO, University or a trade union. Sometimes you need events data which comes online on a custom website just before the start of event. Sometimes you need data from sports website for betting, analysis and for some other purposes and these all cases requires development of custom scrapers to scrape the data.

This is usually done by developing codes in python, Java, PHP or some other framework to create an automation and copy the data from website to offline database. Here custom coding allows to you automate any kind of website by doing automation of the steps requires to reach the data and then play the code in a loop to required numbers of times. Scraping Solution python developers can assist you in any such case when you need data from any website that has the data you need

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